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May 14, 2024

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Ever wonder how it’s going at Northern Pines addiction treatment complex (at the former OPP headquarters across from Chippewa Secondary and Intermediate School)?

Check out the local coverage of the transitional and supportive housing services, including the low barrier shelter program, after members of the media attended an open house tour on Monday:  YourTV’s video story, BayToday’s piece, and the Nugget’s coverage.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the treatment centre planned for Lakeshore Drive, with BayToday providing a thorough update today on the delayed construction schedule HERE.


Top Shelf


  • Podcast host and guest hash out old rift mid-interview
  • Ukrainian ‘Vyshyvanka Day’ celebrated this Thursday


Coffee Mug

Today’s Eye Candy

Northern Lights captured by photographer Heather Reid, shooting in Sudbury.

Heather Reid, an impressive photographer and artist based in Temagami, was lucky to be in Sudbury last Friday evening when the solar storm created exceptional Northern Lights. It was overcast in many places, including most of North Bay and some parts of Temagami.


Dealing with
the consequences
of being vulnerable

Lisa Boivin, host of the 2NBWL podcast, kicks off a four-part series of deep, emotional dives today by sharing a gritty studio session with Kristin Shephard, an accomplished playwright/director/actor. The To North Bay With Love podcast delivers a bare-to-the-bones conversation about vulnerabilities and dealing with the pressures of life.

Lisa also opens up about her insecurities and they take a closer look at their rocky relationship before making amends on the show.

  • Kristin opens the show with a big statement 2:00
  • Kristen talks about her 95-year-old mother 12:30
  • How to be vulnerable and live with the consequences  16:30
  • Lisa talks about her past with Kristin 23:40


Vyshyvanka shirts
are emblem of
Ukrainian culture

ukrainian families in Vyshyvanka shirts

On Thursday, you may see some of the Ukrainians in North Bay wearing white clothing decorated with embroidery. It’s because the third Thursday of May is celebrated as ‘Vyshyvanka Day.’

“The embroidered shirt, known as the vyshyvanka, has been a sacred emblem of Ukrainian culture, tradition and history since ancient times. Amidst ongoing war in Ukraine, the vyshyvanka serves as a reminder of the country’s rich history and traditions, and the resilience of its people in the face of adversity.”

See a short Small Town Times interview with two mothers and their children, who came to Canada recently because of the Russian invasion, explaining what it means to them.



Today’s Zen Suggestion: To help prevent your vehicle from being stolen … remove the fuel injection or ignition system relay from the fuse box and bring it into your hotel room. Better yet, to make your vehicle appear worthless from a distance, just add Montreal Canadiens bumper stickers.





Echo Network


Backroads Bill:

Tomorrow’s Backroads Bill podcast is a tale about resilience and innovation. Chris Miller was an avid mountain bike racer until he had a stroke 10 years ago. He was kept from his favourite pastime until discovering recumbent trikes, which have allowed him to enjoy the trails in a new way.

Chris now has an accessibility trail in B.C. named after him, “Miller Time” for those who find regular trails difficult to traverse.

Last week’s Backroads Bill podcast features Bruce Murphy of the Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Centre talking about his work banding birds. Bruce also describes the education work the Marsh does with students and what trends he has noticed lately in bird activity.

More Than A Big Goose

Echo Essentials:

In last week’s Echo Essentials Podcast, Dr. Steven Arnocky, a Nipissing University Professor specializing in Evolutionary Psychology, explains how doing “kind” things for others serves a biological purpose.

Dr. Anocky also talks about the differences between altruistic and selfish behaviour in relation to acts of kindness, which was the basis of a study he was involved with that received national media attention.

It was a special podcast coordinated as part of the CMHA North Bay and District Kindness Week campaign. Follow the events on Facebook HERE.

Listen to the Full Show

To North Bay With Love:

Mother’s Day was Sunday and 2NBWL host Lisa Boivin invited fellow Echo podcast hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale into the studio to drill deep into their relationships with their mothers and what the annual occasion means to them.

For the next two weeks, the 2NBWL podcast features a series of heady and soulful adventures with guests who are exploring a vast frontier of relationships and how perspectives change as we mature.

View all 70+ Episodes


Watch last week’s “Kindness Cast” with Graham Shaver on YourTV’s public YouTube channel.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV


Watch the 2024 Season ‘Eulogy’ recorded after the North Bay Battalion fell to the Oshawa Generals.

Check Out All The Frontline Episodes

Marianne Vander Dussen:

Can you paint on paper with acrylic? Learn how with Marianne Vander Dussen’s in this week’s featured tutorial.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Wingspan Entrepreneur:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes

Cheap Seats:

Cheap Seats Episode 46: Dead-verine (or Wolver-pool),The Worst Elevator Ride, & How Does One Become a SCARGIVER?

New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

For the Full Set

Small Town Times:

There’s always more to the story and editor Dave Dale felt it was necessary to add some context to his Mother’s Day interview with 2NBWL host Lisa Boivin and Echo Essentials podcast co-host Scott Clark, which was released Thursday.

Nearing the end of the podcast, Lisa shared a story about a pivotal moment in the relationship between her mother, “Sal”, and her. It came at a time her mom was contemplating a splitting up of the marriage.

“That brought me back to a similar time with my mom, about 20-some years ago when my dad was drinking too much and risking all they had driving home from golf courses in a precarious and unlawful way. I supported my mom’s position regarding the ultimatum that came, and he wisely smartened up enough to keep things connected. What I didn’t really explain well was how she was rewarded for the decision with a decade of his dementia journey. Not a fun ride and full marks to her for sticking it out.”

A short Small Town Times podcast explains it better and, to help celebrate Mother’s Day, there are clips added at the end of a series of interviews with Anna Dale during a cribbage marathon on Easter weekend. It’s entertaining.

For the Full Set





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