I really felt the need to talk to my mom before sharing the Mother’s Day podcast with Echo’s Lisa Boivin and Scott Clark, where we bare a bunch of deep stuff for the ‘To North Bay With Love’ episode released Thursday.
Missing was some more context and updated info so people could better understand what I was trying to say, which was hard to articulate when you’re all choked up.

What Does Your Mother Mean To You?

Basically, Lisa shared a story about a pivotal moment in the relationship between her mother, "Sal", and her. It came at a time her mom was contemplating a splitting up of the marriage. That brought me back to a similar time with my mom, about 20-some years ago when my dad was drinking too much, risking all driving home from golf courses in a scary way.
I supported my mom’s position regarding the ultimatum that came, and he wisely smartened up enough to keep things connected. What I didn’t really explain well was how she was rewarded for the decision with a decade of his dementia journey. Not a fun ride and full marks to her sticking it out.
This little video is actually more of a testament to how things are better now, she’s able to live like she couldn’t for years … and that’s great.
I am proud of my mom, she didn’t have it easy one step of the way, and I like who she has become through it all. She feels good about herself these days, as she should.
As part of this video, I am proud to share some of our time together with several interviews between cribbage games recorded at Easter. We have a good time playing cards, joking and talking about all things, the sweet and not so sweet. I know I’m lucky to still have a mother around to share time with and I hope you can at least remember the good times you had.

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Life views from North Bay, Ontario, Canada, with snapshots of rural living, sports and politics mixed with podcasts by a long-time story teller. Small Town Times Productions is the name of Dave Dale’s  communication business, which publishes content for online and print applications. The flagship print publication is the Back in the Bay Magazine, which […]

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