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May 28, 2024

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Odds and ends in the news, in case you missed them:

Someone tried to avoid a RIDE stop this weekend and the OPP’s aviation and fur departments came out in force to get their man.

Hundreds of Grade 9 students will be at the Capitol Centre tomorrow to hear a real-life underdog talk about resiliency, goal-setting and following dreams.

Large city mayors of Northern Ontario want the province to fund safe consumption sites to help keep vulnerable addicts alive long enough to be treated.


Top Shelf


  • Friendship Centre hits half-century mark with historic energy
  • New high-water mark set for single-day fundraisers


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Today’s Warm and Fuzzy

Dennis Chippa with Gathering Place staff at Kiwanis Citizen of the Year Chris Mayne photo

Dennis Chippa, honoured as the Kiwanis Citizen of the Year at the Best Western last week, calls the Gathering Place staff his heroes, saying they work with patience and a smile as they deal daily with situations many would not. For more about the Gathering Place, the city’s volunteer and donor supported soup kitchen, see Baytoday’s story and video announcing the Kiwanis award, and the Nugget’s piece about its financial situation. Chris Mayne Photo


North Bay Indigenous
Friendship Centre
celebrating 50th

Kathy Fortin, Executive Director of the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre, joins Lisa to discuss its history and the many programs that have helped thousands of Indigenous people in the city over the past 50 years.

The discussion was timely with the centre’s 16th annual Maamwi Kindaaswin Powwow, taking place June 8-9 at Lee Park.

  • Kathy joins the show 2:00
  • Learning and teaching a big part of the friendship centre 10:45
  • Importance of preserving Indigenous culture 13:04


sets fundraising record
for one-night events

Wade Ringler, brother of the late Chad Ringler (both city firefighters), at the CHAT4CHAD gala May 25, 2024.

The CHAT4CHAD Gala, held at the Canadore College Aviation Campus Hangar on Saturday night, raised $225,000 and counting, a new high bar for the most money to be donated to a cause in the City of North Bay at a single evening event.

CHAT4CHAD is an initiative funded in the wake of Chad Ringler’s suicide in January 2023. The aim is to bring awareness, resources, and funding to those experiencing mental health challenges in North Bay.

For more info, read the Chat4Chad Press Release. And please listen to We Need To Talk About Mental Illness, the To North Bay With Love podcast about CHAT4CHAD.



Today’s Zen Suggestion: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of frozen flowers … so cover your new plants tonight just in case as the temperature plummets and frost takes its toll.



Check out the website HERE.



Echo Network

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast:

Mike Campigotto, Co-founder of SafeSight Exploration, tells host Scott Clark about rapid evolution in the sector.

Northern Ontario plays an extensive role in the international mining community. In this limited series we’ll hear from the influential voices, partners and leaders who are driving innovation, research and development, creating new market opportunities and new ways of doing business in the mining industry.

The Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast was created for the Echo Community Podcast Network in partnership with Story Studio Network and Clark Communications.

View All NOMS Podcast Episodes

Backroads Bill:

In tomorrow’s Backroads Bill podcast, an important historical event explored with connections to ongoing controversies. Mitch Case, PCMNO – Region 4 Councilor Huron-Superior Regional Metis Community, joins Bill and Ben to discuss the Mica Bay Incident of 1849.

Mitch tells us about the Anishinabeeg and Metis working together to help pave the way for the 1850  Robinson-Huron Treaty. Mitch also talks about the current state of the relationship between the mining companies and Indigenous Peoples.

Until then, Dr. Catharine Mastin, an art curator for more than 30 years and multi book author, joined the show last week to talk about the recent art exhibit she curated in Cobalt and the novel Cobalt: A Mining Town and the Canadian Imagination.

Check Out the Full Set

Echo Essentials:

On Thursday, the Echo Essentials podcast with hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale is all about the newest board game, Tripped, to be rolled out by local entrepreneurs. Until then, check out the online voting contest to decide if North Bay or Sudbury are included as Northern Ontario locations on the mostly North America board.

Last week, Dr. Sachiko Nagasawa, of Bay Psychology, joined Echo Essentials co-hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale to talk about the various aspects of suicide, from ‘survivor’s guilt’ to trends, contributing causes and strategies that help people manage their emotional health.

Referenced in the discussion is a workbook Dr. Nagasawa pulled together during COVID to assist therapists and their patients face the impacts of isolation, uncertainty, stress and trauma.

The podcast was motivated by recent community losses and preceded the Chat4Chad gala fundraiser Saturday, May 25 (it sold out 400 tickets the same day it launched).

Listen to the Full Show

To North Bay With Love:

Last week, Angela Larmer, a registered nurse and registered psychotherapist qualifying, joined the 2NBWL podcast with host Lisa Boivin to talk about overcoming her social anxiety. This is the fourth episode in a four-part series focusing on deep discussions about how people deal with life’s  twists and turns.

Despite being a practicing psychotherapist with The Rooted Heart, Angela still deals with a lot of the same roadblocks many people have when it comes to social interactions. And she describes the benefits of a new therapeutic technique, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which has been proven to help people change how they react to trauma triggers.

View all 70+ Episodes

Richard Fortin Presents:

The Richard Fortin Presents podcast amplifies the ideas of artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, disruptors, politicians and truth seekers.  And now, in addition to his YouTube channel and website, he’ll benefit from joining the Echo Community Podcast Network with new episodes promoted in this newsletter and more traffic from our website.

Check Out the Full Set


Take a tour of the Northern Pines transitional and supportive housing complex on YourTV’s public YouTube channel.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV


Karma has a funny way of coming back at you, especially when you least expect it…

Kortney, Ben and Kassie discuss the OHL finals and how good it felt to watch the Gens lose in four games to London after an insensitive tweet toward North Bay.

In addition, the trio discuss Battalion GM Adam Dennis winning the Jim Gregory award for OHL GM of the year, while also looking at the potential next player moves for the Troops. Later on, Kortney and Ben reminisce about high school while asking Kassie about her final year at West Ferris.

Check Out All The Frontline Episodes

Marianne Vander Dussen:

Colour Theory: Create Saturated Paintings by Learning How To Mix Complimentary Colours with Marianne Vander Dussen’s in this week’s featured tutorial.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Wingspan Entrepreneur:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes

Cheap Seats:

Episode 47: The Bee Saga, Pepsi Failures, & How LATE This NIGHT Can The DEVIL Be Out?

It’s a load of fun on Cheap Seats, which features a special guest … Learn how the bumblebees are invading. Nick shares his unique Star Wars collection. PB has some words on the announced Gollum movie. All while Drew shares the forgotten Pepsi flavors. Enjoy their discussion on Late Night with the Devil, and play a time traveling game!

New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

For the Full Set



Caseys Ad $10 Wings - Tuesdays



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(For more events further out on the calendar, check Tourism North Bay’s comprehensive events listing guide. On Facebook, check out Creative Industries North Bay and take a gander at its April newsletter with month-long highlights HERE.)



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