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Jul 4, 2024

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The buzz around town isn’t what you think it is: we have big European hornets causing a stir here, not the more aggressive and dangerous ‘Murder Hornets’ being found on the west coast. See the BayToday story HERE.


Top Shelf

  • Can a new North Bay library help solve some city issues?
  • Six candidates for Nipissing First Nation chief, 13 for six-seat council


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Today’s Dedication

Butch Turcotte, right, a local hockey icon, passed away Tuesday morning at the Nipissing Serenity Hospice. He was 82 years old. This photo was taken seven years ago at his backyard ice rink, called the Labreche Forum, to celebrate 40 years of helping local players enjoy outdoor skating. Family and friends are gathering Tuesday to celebrate his life, see details HERE. BayToday published a story about Turcotte, a former junior and AAA coach, whose son, Darren, played in the NHL and now coaches the Nipissing Lakers women’s hockey team. Butch was big supporter of the team. See a video of the Labreche Forum 40th anniversary HERE.


Can a new
library help solve
some city issues?

The North Bay Public Library is close to achieving charitable status and, some day, they’ll be looking at a capital fundraising campaign to build a better-designed facility to help build a stronger community.

Don Curry, chairman of the library board, and Ravil Veli, chief executive officer, join Echo Essentials Podcast hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face.

In the pre-interview banter, the hosts talk about how libraries were a big part of their lives. Dave is supportive because he’s still attending group meetings and events there, while Scott hasn’t been there for years. Dave said there are library events promoted in almost every Echo Essentials Newsletters, along with other curated event listings and news stories. An Amazing Race is planned at the library July 20, for example.

Nipissing First Nation
Chief and Council
Election Friday

There are six people in the running for Chief of Nipissing First Nation with polls closing Friday. Seeking re-election is Scott McLeod, who is up against former chief Marianne Couchie, Cathy Bellefeuille, Rodney Commanda, Darlene Gingras, and Thomas Lambert.

Up for re-election as councilors are Joan McLeod-Shabogesic and Rick Stevens, but four of the current councilors did not put their hat in the ring again, including Deputy Chief Michael Sawyer, June Commanda, Tyeler Commanda and Jane Commanda.

Additional candidates for council include: Yvette Bellefeuille, Brian Couchie, Corey Gingras, Priscilla Goulais, Roland Granger, Anthony Laforge, and Jason Laronde.



Today’s Zen Suggestion: Speak to yourself like you want others to speak to you.


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Echo Network

To North Bay With Love:

Lidvene Smith is the first lady you will see if you go into the YMCA because she works the front desk like few others.

She has made a name for herself around town for her personality and customer service and she joins Lisa Boivin on the 2NBWL podcast to chat about her decision to leave the Caribbean behind and move with her two kids to a new country and a new career.

  • Lidvene joins to talk about her decision to move to Canada  2:20
  • How Lidvene chose North Bay 6:00
  • Her time at the YMCA 15:04
View all 70+ Episodes

Echo Essentials:

Last week’s Echo Essentials Podcast includes video clips of elected officials and a citizen presenter making comments at the June 18 North Bay City Council and Committee meeting.

Co-hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale add their perspective, as well as some context.

Before the clips are played, Scott asks Dave about his city council beat role at the Nugget, including when it started and how it ended. Dave says he replaced a reporter who was eventually fired for “killing” with ink a former mayor of Mattawa (who wasn’t dead yet) and then adding fake colour into a court case story. And then Dave explains why he referred to the reporter as a ‘scab’ who crossed a picket line in Calgary before being hired by the Nugget.

Listen to the Full Show

Backroads Bill:

This week’s Backroads Bill podcast features Bob Hunter, who is more commonly known as ‘Abitibi Bob,’ to chat about the Abitibi Canyon.

Bill and Bob discuss the reason Abitibi Canyon blew up in popularity but within a decade found itself with barely anyone still living there. Bob also goes into what it is like growing up in an isolated environment with few of the amenities that kids have now.

Check Out the Full Set

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast:

Host Dave Trafford catches up with Justin Alexander from Creative Fire to discuss ESG, reconciliation and sustainability in the mining industry, and more.

4The Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast was created for the Echo Community Podcast Network in partnership with Story Studio Network and Clark Communications.

Northern Ontario plays an extensive role in the international mining community. In this limited series we’ll hear from the influential voices, partners and leaders who are driving innovation, research and development, creating new market opportunities and new ways of doing business in the mining industry.

View All NOMS Podcast Episodes


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Echo Network Members


Small Town Times:

Museum's salute to service clubs puts spotlight on the backbone of community as memberships dwindle - Small Town Times with Dave Dale

Service clubs are essential to filling the gaps of community needs but their future is challenging as lifestyles and economic pressures are leading to fewer volunteers.

A rotating installation at the North Bay Museum aims to highlight the important role service clubs play throughout 2024 and 2025. Rotary is currently featured for the summer with the Rorab Shrine Club scheduled for the fall. It started with the IODE in April.

Providing comments in this video are: Naomi Hehn, curator; Pat Moulson, museum volunteer and IODE member; Joanne Bernier, IODE member of the Manitou Chapter that recently folded; Elaine Burrows, IODE member of the Dr. Herbert A. Bruce Chapter; Heather Stewart, president of IODE Dr. Herbert A Bruce Chapter; Bruce McCulloch, Rorab Shrine Club; and Nat Brunette, Canadian Federation of University Women.

For More Small Town Times Podcasts

Richard Fortin Presents:

Celebrating the 50th Richard Fortin Presents podcast with a thank you to supporters HERE.

The podcast amplifies the ideas of artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, disruptors, politicians and truth seekers.  And now, in addition to his YouTube channel and website, he’ll benefit from joining the Echo Community Podcast Network with new episodes promoted in this newsletter and more traffic from our website.

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YourTV North Bay will be airing half-hour segments of the Echo Essentials Podcast on Mondays at 7 p.m.

Also watch for coverage of the Northland Wrestling Conquest VI on July 6 at 8 p.m. and the Kiwanis Citizen of the Year celebration now rotating on the schedule.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV

Marianne Vander Dussen:

Painting Antelope Canyon | Landscape Oil Painting Tutorial + Timelapse with Marianne Vander Dussen’s in this week’s featured tutorial.

Time-limited offer on a painting tutorial discount HERE.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Cheap Seats:

This week’s dive into the “Book of Unusual Knowledge” brought us high profile rumors during the golden age of movie making. What’s your favorite?

New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

Tomorrow is Episode 53: Just the Two of Us; U. N. I.; and What Happened to Ben?

For the Full Set

Wingspan Entrepreneurs:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes



Laframboise team reality


Echo Sports

The NFC North Bay Bulldogs host the Oakville Longhorns at the Mike O’Shea Field this Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Events Echo


Thursday, July 4

Friday, July 5

Saturday, July 6



(For more events further out on the calendar, check Tourism North Bay’s comprehensive events listing guide. On Facebook, check out Creative Industries North Bay.)



Caseys Ad $10 Wings - Tuesdays

Check out the menu HERE.


In Tuesday’s newsletter, in case you missed it …

The rules and ethics around using Artificial Intelligence are becoming clearer as issues arise from its use.

On the weekend, the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. posted a Canada Day message using a stock photo of a holiday parade. The post was removed from X (formerly Twitter) because the artist used A.I. to create it but the social media post didn’t make that clear.

Do you think it’s important for all A.I.-generated images and text be labeled as such? Or does it even matter? Email your thoughts on the matter to: [email protected]

As you ponder digital realities, take a virtual trip with former Nugget photographer Paul Chivers by checking out his ‘Bushwacker Films’  YouTube channel. He has produced 11 gems so far.

“Relax and follow along as I experience the majesty of the land, stumble across unfolding beauty and and encounter adversity, all the while seeking serenity.”


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