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Jun 6, 2024

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The 80th anniversary of D-Day is being celebrated across the world. Operation Neptune and the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944 turned the tide of the Second World War by laying the foundations for the Allied Forces to liberate France and Western Europe on their way to defeat Nazi Germany.

Love Snoopy and Charles Shultz cartoons? See the tributes to D-Day HERE.

More than 5,000 Canadian soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms during the storming of Juno Beach, with thousands more injured.

“We must remember the bravery and valour demonstrated by Canadians in Normandy. We must honour them, and the more than one million Canadians who served during the Second World War. We must pass on their stories for generations to come,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said for this occasion.

See a BayToday letter to the editor on the subject HERE.

Also worth a look, YourTV North Bay has a series of short video stories marking the 100th anniversary of the RCAF and North Bay’s military history.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked ChatGPT: “What connects D-Day to North Bay, Ontario, Canada?” See the answer below the Echo Events section. Artificial Intelligence appears to be as undependable as the geographically-challenged southern Ontario residents we know.



Top Shelf

  • ‘Homeless Hub’ proposal fraught with issues, King says
  • There’s a lot more to Girl Guides than the cookies


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Today’s Perspective

Bill Steer photo of Mattawa River

Bill Steer’s photo of his canoe pointed toward the centre of the Mattawa River provides the backdrop for several podcasts this week. The Backroads Bill show this week focuses on the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority‘s annual Mattawa River Canoe Race, being this Saturday. Bill also joined the Small Town Times podcast to talk about the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Ecology Centre, which he helped found as an outdoor education facility at Samuel de Champlain Park. The celebration includes an official ceremony Friday at 2 p.m. and Open House festivities Saturday.

More to Guides
than fundraising
with the cookies

Jennifer Parkin, Community Guider, and Olive, a first time guider, join the To North Bay With Love podcast to about the Girl Guides and their impact on our community.

Jennifer gives an idea of the vast history of the program and Olive, making her first podcast appearance, is coming away with a brand new badge.

Producer Ben and Lisa also discuss a recent encounter that happened at the grocery store.

  • Lisa and Ben chat about a recent encounter 2:10
  • Jennifer and Olive join 7:50
  • Olive’s experience as a guider  14:00
  • Lisa’s Girl Guide story 19:50


‘Homeless Hub’
location will be
NIMBY contentious

A controversy is brewing, once again, in the City of North Bay over the best location and operational plan for a “warming centre” and “low barrier shelter” to serve unhoused citizens.

Coun. Mark King, chairman of the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board, joins the Echo Essentials podcast today to discuss the issue with hosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale. King doesn’t support a consultant’s report that recommended a “homeless hub” of such services within three blocks of the downtown area many homeless, often with mental health and addiction issues, receive medical, pharmaceutical and other support services.

BayToday covered the story earlier this week HERE.

King said the experience of having the “warming centre” in a variety of locations these past few years informs his viewpoint. He said the negative consequences for those living nearby or operating businesses is substantial.

Currently, the low barrier shelter is located beside the Northern Pines transitional housing project operating at the former OPP headquarters off Chippewa Street. That location is also problematic, he said, because of its close proximity to a high school, senior living centres and down the road from an elementary school and daycare. While open to the idea of a potential new location, he said the the Crisis Centre and Gathering Place soup kitchen warn of potential issues.

King wanted to come on the podcast after Brent Kalinowski, North Bay’s Community Safety and Well-Being Coordinator, joined Small Town Times editor Dave Dale and Between 2 Daves Co-Host Dave Mendicino to discuss his role, background and latest updates.

Some of the questions answered in that interview: How is Northern Pines and their transitional program doing to help people live independently? Where is the low barrier shelter component going to go? And is the Homeless Hub, recommended out of the DNSSAB homelessness study with a projected $2.6-million price tag, a cure for what ails the city?



Today’s Zen Suggestion: Never put off until tomorrow what you already put off yesterday.


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Echo Network


Backroads Bill:

The Mattawa River Canoe Race is this Saturday and to celebrate, Backroads Bill has a special podcast about the internationally-respected event. The popular race from North Bay to Mattawa is organized by the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, and retired general manager Brian Tayler joins the show to talk about the event and its history. Want to know more about Brian, see his profile HERE.

Check Out the Full Set

To North Bay With Love:

Actor Mike Bernier and Director Stephanie Kast join Lisa to discuss the new play the Gateway Theatre Guild is putting on this week.

12 Angry Jurors depicts a 19-year-old man who was on trial for fatally stabbing his father. The fate of this young man’s life is in the hands of jurors as new evidence comes to light on whether this case is as cut and dry as it seems.

To get tickets go HERE. The play started Wednesday June 5 and runs until Sunday June 9.

View all 70+ Episodes

Echo Essentials:

Tripped! is a new board game coming out this year that sees players travel around North America plus points offshore to complete objectives. Tripped! creator Eric Boutilier and Quinn & Sherry President Mark Sherry join the Echo Essentials podcast with cohosts Scott Clark and Dave Dale to highlight their new creation, explain how to play and offer strategy tips.

Mark is the co-creator of the Game of Things! and has used his expertise to help Eric re-design the game through many years and they are finally getting close to launch later in 2024.

Vote between North Bay and Sudbury for the last remaining Northern Ontario to be named on the Tripped! board game.

Pre-Order and save HERE.

Listen to the Full Show

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast:

The Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Podcast was created for the Echo Community Podcast Network in partnership with Story Studio Network and Clark Communications.

Northern Ontario plays an extensive role in the international mining community. In this limited series we’ll hear from the influential voices, partners and leaders who are driving innovation, research and development, creating new market opportunities and new ways of doing business in the mining industry.

View All NOMS Podcast Episodes

Richard Fortin Presents:

The Richard Fortin Presents podcast amplifies the ideas of artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, disruptors, politicians and truth seekers.  And now, in addition to his YouTube channel and website, he’ll benefit from joining the Echo Community Podcast Network with new episodes promoted in this newsletter and more traffic from our website.

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YourTV North Bay coverage of recent events scheduled next week for the subscribers:

Kiwanis Citizen of the Year: Friday at 10 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m.

Sports Hall of Fame – Night 1:  Thursday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m.

Sports Hall of Fame – Night 2: Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 9 p.m. and Monday at 9 p.m.

Check out the CHAT4CHAD feature on YourTV’s public YouTube channel.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV


Karma has a funny way of coming back at you, especially when you least expect it…

Kortney, Ben and Kassie discuss the OHL finals and how good it felt to watch the Gens lose in four games to London after an insensitive tweet toward North Bay.

In addition, the trio discuss Battalion GM Adam Dennis winning the Jim Gregory award for OHL GM of the year, while also looking at the potential next player moves for the Troops. Later on, Kortney and Ben reminisce about high school while asking Kassie about her final year at West Ferris.

Check Out All The Frontline Episodes

Marianne Vander Dussen:

Colour Theory: Create Saturated Paintings by Learning How To Mix Complimentary Colours with Marianne Vander Dussen’s in this week’s featured tutorial.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Wingspan Entrepreneur:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes

Cheap Seats:

Episode 49: Geezer In the Way, Tug of Fluff, & Why the “X” between Godzilla and Kong? 

“The head is throbbing, the brush is stroking, and the food’s getting weird!” states the podcast promo, setting the stage for Nick, Drew and Ben to discuss Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and PB justifies his impatience with the elderly.

Drew also takes viewers down the rabbit hole of unusual food festivals. Movies, TV, and something called chitterlings are also  discussed on this latest edition.

New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

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Laframboise team reality



Events Echo


Thursday, June 6

Friday, June 7

Saturday, June 8

(For more events further out on the calendar, check Tourism North Bay’s comprehensive events listing guide. On Facebook, check out Creative Industries North Bay and take a gander at its June newsletter with month-long highlights HERE.)

D-Day and North Bay, via ChatGPT:

North Bay, Ontario, Canada, has a historical connection to D-Day through the production of military equipment used during the Normandy invasion. During World War II, North Bay was home to a manufacturing plant operated by Canadian Car and Foundry (Can-Car), which produced the Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft. These aircraft played a critical role in the air operations during D-Day and throughout the war.

FACT CHECK: The Canadian Encyclopedia states the Hawker was actually manufactured by Can-Car in Thunder Bay, a geographic discrepancy North Bay residents are used to because many people confuse the two cities despite a 12-hour drive and 1,100 kilometres between them.

Additionally, the North Bay area was involved in various wartime activities, including training and support for military operations. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) established bases and training facilities in the region, contributing to the preparation of Canadian and Allied forces for the invasion of Normandy.

Thus, North Bay’s contribution to D-Day and the broader war effort was through its industrial production and military training activities, which supported the successful execution of the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944.

(For more events further out on the calendar, check Tourism North Bay’s comprehensive events listing guide. On Facebook, check out Creative Industries North Bay and take a gander at its June newsletter with month-long highlights HERE.)


Caseys Ad $10 Apps - $6 Pints and Wine - Thursday - Saturday

In past editions, in case you missed it …

chippewa soccer team boys seniors nossa champs 2024

North Bay is hosting the OFSAA ‘AA’ senior boys provincial high school soccer championship this week, beginning Thursday and playing through to the finals on Saturday at the Steve Omischl Sports Fields Complex. Preliminary games are throughout the city, see the schedule HERE.

The undefeated Chippewa Raiders senior boys soccer team beat St. Mary’s of Sault Ste. Marie for the NOSSA crown after claiming the NDA banner without a loss. See the Nugget story about their first-ever school sweep on the pitch and the BayToday piece on the regional win. The regional gold earned Chippewa the top seed at the provincials, allowing the Scollard Bears to fill the host team spot.

Interesting news highlights: Robinson Huron chiefs denounce Metis land claims and the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority is looking for a new CAO after controversial spring (but don’t worry, the Mattawa River canoe race June 8 is still on).

Like the idea of sailing Lake Nipissing? Check out this timely feature.



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