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May 7, 2024

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The agenda at North Bay City Council tonight includes: Don Rennick making a presentation about the long-term financial planning recommendations; a staff recommendation to contract EllisDon Corporation for $2,599,000 (plus HST) to provide Project Development Services for the Progressive Design Build of the $60-million North Bay Community and Recreation Centre; and an in-camera discussion about a personal matter, potentially a council or board member, and a report by the City Solicitor offering advice on how to deal with it.


Top Shelf

  • How does your brain reward you for acts of kindness?
  • Backroads Bill and Ben are all-in on birds this week
  • Family of artists ‘Gathering Together’ at NOVAH Gallery exhibit


Coffee Mug

Today’s Kindness Leap


kindness project

The 73rd annual CMHA Mental Health Week serves up a “double-double” of kindness and compassion in our community. The theme is ‘Be Kind’ with a slogan, ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ because compassion connects us all. See the slate of events HERE and check out the Kindness Project website. In the photo above, CMHA’s Mary Davis, Capt. Kindness (Uphar) and Kindness Influencer Graham Shaver jump for joy following Monday’s flag-raising at City Hall. Watch for special newscast reports on YourTV Cogeco.


Science of kindness
explored with
Nipissing U prof

Dr. Andrew Weeks, a Nipissing University professor who specializes in behavioural neuroscience/neural basis of learning, joins 2NBWL host Lisa Boivin today to talk about “why are we kind to each other”.

It’s a special podcast coordinated as part of the CMHA North Bay and District Kindness Week campaign. Follow the events on Facebook HERE.

Some of the questions that frame the podcast conversation include: How does the brain process positive and negative interactions with people? Is there evidence for kindness activity in the brain? What type of neurochemicals are released when people act in a kind way or observe acts of kindness? Is there a difference between kindness and simply being ‘nice’ (the cruel to be kind idea)? And what is the role of modeling and learning when it comes to kindness? Do we need to see it to develop it?

Bird banding
with Bill, Ben
and Bruce

Bruce Murphy of the Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Centre joins the show on Wednesday morning to talk about bird banding. He also speaks to the education work the Marsh does with students and what trends he has noticed lately in bird activity.

Family of artists
‘Gathering Together’
at NOVAH Gallery

A ‘family’ of realists ‘Gathering Together’ at 176 Lakeshore attracted more than 100 attendees for the NOVAH Gallery exhibit opening held Sunday, May 5.

The hub of this circle, North Bay’s Arlie Hoffman, was joined by his artist son, Kevin, poet daughter Tammy, and a group of students and friends combining inspirations for the spring/summer installation.

The Small Town Times video story includes interviews with Arlie, Kevin and Susanne Carr, as well as Tammy Hoffman reading a poem written for the occasion. Other artists with works in the show include: Sue Fitzer, Beth Jackson, Nancy Miller and Denise Ribson.


Today’s Zen Suggestion: Ask yourself one question at the end of every day: ‘Did I treat people the way I would like to be treated?’ If the answer isn’t yes, tell yourself one thing before going to bed: “I will try harder tomorrow”.



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To North Bay With Love:

Ava Vosu and 2NBWL host Lisa Boivin talked about the evolution of the midwifery profession and how it could help ease some of the problems in the health care system in Ontario.

The timing couldn’t better for this in-depth discussion ahead of the International Midwifery Day celebrated last Sunday, May 5.

View all 60+ Episodes

Backroads Bill:

Last Wednesday, Wawa’s big goose, Heritage Door project and Group of Seven legacy makes for interesting conversation between Backroads Bill guest Johanna Rowe and hosts Bill Steer and Ben Sargent.

The local author and owner of J. Rowe Heritage Consulting joins the show to explain, among other things, how the town’s iconic goose statue is one of the biggest tourist attractions in North America.

More Than A Big Goose

Echo Essentials:

Last week’s Echo Essentials Podcast features Uphar Singh interviewing North Bay Mayor Peter Chirico at his office about his family’s immigrant roots, the importance of the recent Sikh flag-raising and the future of the city’s growth.

Before Uphar’s interview, Essentials podcast co-hosts Dave Dale and Scott Clark discuss the current water levels in the area, treaties and the pros and cons of having a midwife vs hospital birth.

Listen to the Full Show


Watch this week’s ‘Chamber Chat‘ on the public YouTube channel with a spotlight on new restaurant Gangman Korea.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV


Watch the Game 7 commentary as the North Bay Battalion fell to the Oshawa Generals in a special livestream recording of the North Bay Mitsubishi After Action Report.

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Marianne Vander Dussen:

Marianne Vander Dussen Visual Artist - North Bay Echo - Acrylic and Oil Painting Tutorials Classes and Lessons

Create Vintage Botanical Illustrations with Marianne Vander Dussen’s with this week’s featured tutorial about Green Academia Oil Painting.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Wingspan Entrepreneur:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes

Cheap Seats:

Cheap Seats Episode 46: Don’t Wake Daddy Coffin, It’s A Trap & Can It Be Real or IMAGINARY?

It’s a funeral we won’t soon forget! This week will have our boys discuss Nick’s plan following his death. Speaking of murder, the teddy bear killing movie “Imaginary” is our Cheap Review. Drew shares some scary addresses, all while PB wants to hear more about this thing called “stress.” It’s a little over an hour of fun with Cheap Seats!

New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

For the Full Set

Small Town Times:

Facilitating upstream efficiencies of existing agencies the best way to improve community wellness - Small Town Times with Dave Dale

Brent Kalinowski, North Bay’s Community Safety and Well-Being Coordinator (Facilitator), joins Small Town Times editor Dave Dale and Between 2 Daves Co-Host Dave Mendicino to discuss his role, background and latest updates in today’s podcast.

A former police officer in Saskatchewan, Brent said he has believed for a long time there needs to be better community planning to deal with issues upstream so they don’t fester into expensive and difficult to mend issues later. The ad hoc Community Safety and Well-Being Committee meets on Thursday, May 9 in the Mayor’s Boardroom beginning at 12 noon. You can read about the city’s plan HERE.

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(For more events further out on the calendar, check Tourism North Bay’s comprehensive events listing guide. On Facebook, check out Creative Industries North Bay and take a gander at its April newsletter with month-long highlights HERE.)



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