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Apr 30, 2024

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Cross your fingers, we’re bringing two species of European moths into Canada to control invasive weeds that are taking over lakes and waterways. Read about a phragmites pilot project proposed in Almaguin Highlands. The University of Waterloo research is HERE. What could possibly go wrong? Ask Australia about its cane toad issue.

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  • Can brothers and sisters be allergic to each other?
  • Cooking your goose and eating it too …
  • News stories about ‘forever chemicals’ just won’t die


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Today’s Thought Provoker

north bay police chief daryl longworth

Ever want to have the top cop’s ear? North Bay Police Service Chief Daryl Longworth, who took office last month, and his community engagement team will be at the Tim Horton’s near Seymour Street tomorrow (Wednesday) from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Members of the public are welcome to have a few minutes of his time to chat about the community and the issues facing it. In this NBPS photo, retired Nipissing MP Bob Wood shares a tale during the session held at Twigg’s Coffee Roasters on Monday morning. See a promo story HERE.


Wonderful minds
of children give
us perspective

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month, one of the reasons 2NBWL podcast host Lisa Boivin had her nieces Lucy and Violet in the studio. As listeners can easily understand early in the conversation, however, sibling rivalries don’t follow a script as the topics range from schoolyard antics to a very unfortunate blueberry tale.

  • Lucy and Violet join the show 1:40
  • Violet decides she is quitting school to pursue her passion 5:00
  • Food Allergy Awareness Month 14:00

Wawa is half-way
between a rock
and wet place

Coming up on Wednesday, Wawa’s big goose, Heritage Door project and Group of Seven legacy makes for interesting conversation between Backroads Bill guest Johanna Rowe and hosts Bill Steer and Ben Sargent.

The local author and owner of J. Rowe Heritage Consulting joins the show to explain, among other things, how the town’s iconic goose statue is one of the biggest tourist attractions in North America.

PFAS news
just won’t give
up the ghost

PFAS has been in the news a lot lately. Most recently The Narwhal environmental news magazine did a piece last week based on the 2023 correspondence between city officials and a plastics plant setting up shop in North Bay.

Do you think the city’s communication officer did anything wrong by providing suggestions to the business (based overseas) about how to handle local media inquiries? Email your thoughts to [email protected]

Meanwhile, the Investigative Journalism Bureau and TVO were recently seeking out North Bay residents willing to take part in water-testing research for an upcoming documentary.

Wondering what PFAS is all about? Want to know what Canada is doing? Check out this recent CBC explainer, it’s pretty thorough and illuminating. Also available is a Marketplace focus on ‘forever chemicals’ in makeup.

An Echo Essentials Podcast a few weeks ago featured a local hobby farmer who stopped selling eggs due to PFAS readings.



Today’s Zen Suggestion: The freedom to choose is worthless if you don’t have options.



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Echo Network


To North Bay With Love:

“It’s both incredible and horrifying … all at the same time,” says 2NBWL podcast host Lisa Boivin after learning more about the Dionne Quints from the new chairwoman of the museum board, Wendy St. Denis.

Last Thursday’s episode covers everything from how the province stepped in to protect the famous quintuplets from being exploited (and then exploited them) to one of their own children disappearing with settlement cash.

Read the details of the 90th birthday celebration week, beginning Saturday, May 25, at BayToday HERE.

View all 60+ Episodes

Backroads Bill:

Hap Wilson, an award winning author, artist, photographer and conservationist, joins the Backroads Bill show tomorrow morning. Hap has created a number of guidebooks that charted different waterways in Ontario and created the company Eco Trailbuilders to help safely build trails that are enjoyed by thousands every year.

Follow the Backroads Bill podcast in video form on the North Bay Echo YouTube channel, on this website under the Echo Shows or Spotify.

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Echo Essentials:

We broke a record this week. A 60-second clip of the latest Echo Essentials Podcast, with guest Mike Harrison explaining Canada’s Victoria Cross, garnered almost 11,000 views on YouTube.

Listen to the Full Show


Catch the North Bay Battalion playoff action as the Troops host the Oshawa Generals for Game 4 of their Eastern Conference championship series Wednesday night.

Watch Video Stories on YourTV


North Bay Battalion fans are fairly frustrated and you can learn why by listening to the North Bay Mitsubishi After Action Report, which was recorded directly following the last buzzer. Hopefully, everybody is in a better mood following Game 4 Wednesday night. Tune in to find out.

Check Out All The Frontline Episodes

Marianne Vander Dussen:

Need an easy oil painting tutorial? Check out Marianne Vander Dussen’s Paint a Vintage Cozy Cottage Landscape.

View All Marianne Vander Dussen Episodes

Wingspan Entrepreneur:

Wingspan Entrepreneurs by Joel Arndt is all about financial issues and provides the inspiration and information to lift your business to the next stratosphere. Check out the audio-only show on our website network page or follow on Spotify.

View All Wingspan Entrepreneur Episodes

Cheap Seats:

Cheap Seats Episode 45 : Debating Grilled Cheese, Joker Something à Deux & Why WISH Upon a Star?

You wouldn’t think it, but defining a grilled cheese sandwich is quite difficult …. especially for Ben, Drew and Nick.

For the Full Set

Small Town Times:

Korea, Brazil and Ontario are all on the canvas for artists involved in environmental awareness. The latest Small Town Times interview features Dermot Wilson, of the Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective and NOVAH Gallery, as he outlines current projects and upcoming activities.

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