Beginner friendly! In this sketchbook painting tutorial, I show you how to paint realistic landscapes on paper with acrylic on paper. I’ll walk you through, step by step, how to create a realistic landscape in your sketchbook using acrylic on paper, and the best part is that you only need four colours. In this video we’ll cover preparing your paper for painting, mixing colours and tones, how to paint mist, basic landscape painting rules, and detail work. Enjoy this video in full 4K!

To download my reference photos, please visit this link:
These reference photos are COPYRIGHT FREE and you may do with them what you’d like! Keep them, sell them, make prints of your paintings, just have fun!

If you’d like to learn to paint with me in a longer and more structured format, my full course, “Painting Flowers in Acrylic,” is NOW AVAILABLE!!! – *Use code YOUTUBE25 to take $25 off!*

Additional notes:

For mixing colours, treat the burnt umber like a red in your palette. So if your colours are coming out too green, tone them back with the burnt umber. Remember that you can use complementary opposites to tone colours, not just greys. Green tones red, yellow tones purple, and orange tones blue (and vice versa).

I am using Liquitex Professionals acrylic paint, but you can use whatever brand you’d like. I don’t usually use any medium when I am painting in sketchbooks.

For tape, I am using both the purple Scotch delicate brand and the yellow Frog delicate strength tape. The reason I am using two is because I actually prefer the Scotch as it seems to leave cleaner lines, but I like the yellow because it allows me the width to tape the whole book closed, which helps prevent buckling.

All of my art supplies are linked through the Amazon shops below. (Canada) (USA)
Please note: as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

Link to my free 36 page Introduction to Acrylic Painting eBook (and get a coupon for $25 off my painting course!):

Link to my free 28 page Introduction to Oil Painting eBook!

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Art Incubator Facebook Support Group – this is where you can connect with me directly, find free floral reference photos, and a supportive community:

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:23 Getting Started: Priming your Pages with Gesso and Taping
02:03 Mixing Colours with a Limited Palette: How to Create Tones
02:57 Beginning the Painting
05:01 Painting Water: How to Blend Between Two Colours
06:27 Second Layer
09:28 Second Painting – Closeup of the Marsh Grass
11:48 Final Reveal

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Hi! I’m Marianne, I’m an artist and trained teacher (BEd, MEd, OCT). I create painting tutorials in acrylic, oil, and gouache/acrylic ink for both canvases and sketchbooks. I love teaching and supporting emerging artists, and sharing tips and strategies for creating success in your artistic practice. Mistakes and failures are part of the process, and […]

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